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Accounting services agency

Ratka Mitorvica 179
11030 Belgrade

phone: +381 11 2369 900
fax: +381 11 2369 222

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Bookkeeping and accounting services including tax advice and payroll management

With 20 years of experience our accounting agency had the opportunity to collaborate and manage business records for small and large companies, entrepreneurs and foreign representative offices. You can rely on us to suply complete and professional accounting, taxation, and payroll services to your businness- including calculation of interest, payroll services, payment processing and tax advice.

Call us at: +381 11 2369 900
to get a complete overview of our services relevent to your business.


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Bookkeeping services

  • for companies
  • for entrepreneurs
  • for foreign representative offices
  • flat-rate taxpayers

Business consultancy (management and conslating)

  • in the field of accounting
  • in the field of labor relations
  • in the field of payment operations
  • tax advice

Courier Service - E-Banking

  • exchange business documents via courier
  • submission of tax returns to the taxation administrations
  • submission of other documentation to relevant funds
  • payment operation via e-banking