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Konto7,20 godina rada

Accounting services agency

Ratka Mitorvica 179
11030 Belgrade

phone: +381 11 2369 900
fax: +381 11 2369 222

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Accounting services Belgrade - Konto7

"Konto 7" was founded 20 years ago when Jadranko and Nada Proković started an accounting agency. Since then, they are dedicated to their clients-entrepreneurs, small and big companies and foreign representative offices - providing professional support in the background so you can operate your business succesfully with optimal costs giving you more time to focus on getting your business to the next level.

In "Konto 7" you will find a partner that will reliably and accurately maintain your books, be familiar with the latest regulations in your industry and take on cooperation with govermental inspection services for you.

With 20 years experience in working with clients who have similar concerns and problems our mission is to provide professional support for your business, accurate and updated books and optimal cost of operation. The founders showed special innovation when they as the first agency in Belgrade, established a courier service and thus enabled significant time savings for their customers.
Similar benefits await you when you decide to call us to support your business.
What sets us apart from our competitors is the personal dedication each client gets individually according to your business's needs.

Call us at: +381 11 2369 900 and make an appointment for a consultation.


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Knjigovodstvo,program OP, PPOD, PPPDV, EPPDV

Information about the legal form and headquarters - accounting agency "Konto7"

Full business name: Nada Proković, preduzetnik
      Knjigovodstvena Agencija Konto7 Beograd
Abbreviated name: Konto7
Headquaters: Belgrade, Ratka Mitrovića 179

In all financial documents issued to accounting services agency "Konto 7" the following information should be entered:

Full name: "Konto7" Knjigovodstvena agencija, Nada Proković preduzetnik
Adress: Ratka Mitrovića 179
Place: Beograd
PIB: 100168778

From the following links download documents of "Konto 7" which are valid form 2010:
Conformation of VAT registration, form PEPDV
Izvod iz registra obveznika na dan

Account numbers "Konto7":
145-6213-57 Marfin Banka
330-4000333-27 Credit Agricole Bank